The first personal health assistant powered by A.I to support women

At Ovum we believe women deserve knowledge, control, and a lifespan approach to their healthcare.

Changing the way

women experience healthcare

We've seen the struggles. We've felt them. And we're dedicated to making a change.

With Ovum, we're not just improving healthcare; we're revolutionising it for every woman, everywhere.


“I realised that women were disempowered when it came to all areas of their health. This was largely due to a lack of understanding about their own reproductive, and general health; but also due to the complexity of the siloed nature of women’s health care. I also knew women had been under represented in clinical trials for decades, meaning we needed more longitudinal data to improve treatments for women. OVUM aims to empower women by providing them with a platform to record, store, discuss, understand, integrate and share their health data over their lifespan.




Nakatomi are an Australian Based Venture Studio who have co-invested and developed Ovum from ideation through to the MVP.

“When we first met Ariella, we were so inspired by her vision to really fix systemic issues and help women wherever they are in their health journey. So inspired that not only did we help develop Ovum, but we invested. We are super excited to put this into the hands of real users and start to see the value it begins to bring to their lives – in what we hope is a world first.”

Our journey so far…

Ovum's inception was a response to the stark needs in women's health care—born from lived experiences and a desire for change.

2021 | IDEA

In my third year of medical school I saw too many women at all stages of their life struggling to navigate the health care system.


I knew I had to create a solution that empowered women with the right information, whilst integrating their health data so it was easy to access.


I surveyed over 100 women between the ages of 16-65 on the barriers they faced in accessing good health care and what they felt they needed to change this.


Ovum was accepted in the UNSW pre-accelerator & SBE evolve program where I developed the business idea and product, whilst working with other incredible female founders.


Over a cup of coffee, Victoria Denholm from Wollemi Capital saw the importance of creating a tool like Ovum.


Nakatomi came on board to develop Ovum’s app and ended up investing to be a part of changing healthcare for women.


Getting the first prototype together meant multiple workshops, design meetings, emails, head-scratching, and everything in between to finally create an app. Ovum.


Learning the ins and outs of creating a crowdfunding campaign. LIFTwomen are an incredible team and company supporting women founders.


Time to learn how to tell the world about Ovum. Working with the Formulaik team on branding & marketing. Finding how to speak to the women Ovum was created for.

2024 | LAUNCH

Ovum plans on launching by the end of 2024. Join our email list to stay up to date with Ovum’s latest news.

Join the Ovum Revolution

We invite you to be apart of the journey as we continue to grow Ovum. Your support, feedback, and stories are vital to our development. Together, we can create a future where every woman is heard, helped, and healthy.

Our Vision

We envision a world where healthcare is predictive, not just reactive—a world where every woman has a health companion at her fingertips, one that knows her unique health journey, provides personalised support, and empowers her to take control of her health.

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Changing the future of healthcare for women

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