Our Mission is to:

Empower women on their health journey

At Ovum, we recognise the unique challenges women face throughout their lives, especially those with chronic illnesses. Our mission is to provide a platform where women can understand, manage, and take control of their health, guided by intelligent, personalised insights.

The reality for women

Despite advancements, women often feel unheard and marginalised in medical settings. Their concerns are frequently dismissed or misdiagnosed.

The emotional toll

The repeated experience of not being taken seriously, or having symptoms brushed off as 'just emotional,' can lead to anxiety, distrust, and avoidance of medical care.

Navigating Dr.Google

In desperation, many women turn to the internet, sifting through endless pages, trying to self-diagnose. But without guidance, this can lead to misinformation and heightened fears.

The cost of silence

For too long, women's health issues like endometriosis, PCOS, and postpartum depression have been stigmatised, making women suffer in silence.

The data gap

The lack of extensive women-specific health data means that many treatments and protocols are not tailored for women, leading to sub-optimal care.

The Ovum solution

Ovum confronts the healthcare challenges faced by women with an AI-powered personal health assistant, designed to provide targeted, empathetic support.

Addressing misdiagnosis and neglected symptoms, Ovum offers a nuanced understanding of women’s health issues. By leveraging real-patient data and narratives, Ovum ensures individual health concerns are met with personalised guidance and care.

This technology stands as an advocate for women, transforming interactions with healthcare systems into a supportive, empowering experience.

With Ovum, the journey to wellness is clearer—our digital ally in navigating the complexities of women's health.

Get involved

As we continue to grow Ovum we welcome your support, feedback, and stories. Together, we can create a future where every woman is heard, helped, and healthy.

Changing the future of healthcare for women

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